Meditation is Silence,    Meditation is Freedom,    Meditation is Creative,    Meditation is Awareness,    Meditation is Living  =  is  a  place  where  silence  speaks  to  you.

Meditation is  Non-Doing,    Meditation is Expansion.

This  is  the  “PEACEFUL  LIVING  MEDITATION”   message for  everyday  living :

for less Stress,       for less Anxiety,       for less Daily Drama

and to create Patience, Peacefulness, Wisdom and to Live a Sacred Reality of Awareness.


The Peaceful Living Meditation is a non religious meditation and has no affiliation with any religious groups and is easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle.

Meditation is a personal development and non judge mental activity that ignites your energy, raises your awareness and develops the Power Within, connecting you to your Higher True Self and your True Higher Divine Source within.

MEDITATION   is   a   JOURNEY   WITHIN    –    START YOUR  JOURNEY and LOVE  the  experience. 

Meditation Courses and Special Events

The Peaceful Living Meditation Courses are held monthly and consist of a 4 week program once a week, resting your mind, quieting your mind and expanding your mind to inner calm and peacefulness. Every person is different in there approach to meditation and this course develops your enthusiasm to continue to develop your style with comfort. BOOK the next Meditation Course here.

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What happens when we Meditate

We cultivate a space – a time and a place –  from our busy daily lifestyle to take time out and start discovering the big Mystery that we are. When you are regular with your Meditation practice, you experience less Stress, less anxiety and less involved in daily drama and maintain better health.

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Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits of Meditation and the more you experience meditation, the more balanced and healthy your life style will become. Meditation creates an Inner Space of Stillness of Being, which manifests outwardly as Focused attention. Regular Meditation increases our awareness, raises our consciousness and then our Reality changes. Our reality is where our consciousness is.

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Getting started with Meditation

Meditation is all about YOU, relaxing back to your natural state of being and un-cluttering your mind. We present some simple exercises to assist with relaxation to get you started, before you Meditate.

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